Day 9: Recovery complete!

After a good nearly 24 hours of sleep I’m now in a fit state of compusmentusness that I am functioning normally, (or as normal as can be expected considering this is me!)

So as normality resumes I realise my ramblings are quite literally that ramblings. Blogging everyday is a discovery of how boring someone’s life can be.

Today I ordered our Stormin the Castle tickets, yay to that! That’s a good blog post and photo album in the offing! Should be a good weekend rain or shine. So if you see me cheering my little heart out in the tents say hi!

Other things to look forward to are:
1. Moving day
2. Christmas
3. My swim
4. Stormin the Castle.
5. Race day
Hmmm if I think of any more I’ll add them in!

Tomorrow I have another days holiday and I’m spending it shopping. Then back to the grind on Wednesday… So I foresee more deep and meaningful posts coming (ha ha ha)


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