Is it wrong to find house stuff shopping exciting?

Today I got totally over excited looking at house stuff. Not just small bits and pieces (which I also totally got excited about) but also furniture, radiators and wardrobe. B&Q was like heaven today.

The sweet smell of wood and paint tins, light fittings and PVC coatings. I was in awe. I’m a total loser I know but its so thrilling picking out the inside of a fitted wardrobe, shoe rack or trouser rail? Internal mirror or mirrored door?

Oh and light fittings, light fittings are like the pieste resistance of a room. They bring everything together in a harmonious glow, they have to be just right not too much that they dominate the space (or potentially take an eye out) but not so small that they lose that together feeling.

If you can’t tell clearly I either was an interior designer in my past life or I’ve got some psychological issue with inanimate objects… I vote I’m just odd.


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