Streatlam success for Stormford Alter Ego

Northumberland and Durham Labrador Club today ran a working test at Streatlam.

The stakes were Puppy, Novice dog/handler and Novice. And Stormford Alter Ego was running in the Novice dog/handler. Last time this happened… This time however was a different story.

Test 1: A double mark (choice of first pick)
Findlay was sent for the right mark first (which was the second dropped dummy) he was really paying attention to Heather’s commands. He handled well and scented the dummy and delivered it nicely. The second pick he went out for, again handled onto well and returned it with from what I could see little fault considering its a novice stake. Score: 14/20

Test 2: Mark
Now from where I was standing I couldn’t see much. But he went out well and said hello to the dummy thrower got a little distracted by the test running over the way but again he responded to Heather’s commands well and all in all had a decent retrieve. He even managed to keep out of the tempting water just the other side of a bush! Score: 10/20

Test 3: Mark (at a distance)
I say at a distance because it looked further than the previous mark!! Again my view was pretty obstructed but he went out with some pace picked the dummy and delivered it without a single fault. Score: 20/20

A grand total of 44/60. Not quite in amongst the rosettes but not far off! I think for a second effort and considering last time he tried to take down 2 geese and got scratched he’s done well. So congratulations to all at Stormford towers for a successful day.

Next time its East Harsley (anniversary of the goose session)

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