Day 17: Why do I bother?

So today I learned that The Secret Circle got canned after one season… This is the umpteenth TV show that I get in to that has been prematurely cancelled. So today I vent!!

The series hasn’t even finished yet here in the UK and now I have a decision, do I make the effort and watch it or do I not bother as its the end??

The CW are to blame… But why do TV shows die, why not as a standard rule allow every show 2 seasons? That way fans get a total story and between the first and second season the fan base can increase! If you can’t tell I clearly have no life, I’m ranting about a TV show being cancelled.

But its the morality of it all. You suck us into these shows then just dump us with a mass of disappointment. We do everything asked of us we watch, we absorb, we discuss, we enjoy. But Nooooooooo you steal it from us. You do the unthinkable and unforgivable thing like taking candy from a baby or kicking a puppy/baby.

I am saddened by the TV people, yes you took our show but you took the cast and crews jobs. In these recession filled times how can you do that, they could end up out on the street with no job, no home to go to (unimaginable really the whole cast was great, they’ll easily get new work).

But still!!!

On that note: what show have you got in to that inadvertently was cancelled?


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