Day 19: Dummies for Dummies

Today (yesterday) was the fortnightly dog training session at Hetton Lyons Park. So off went Tweed, me, solo and Heather for a night of retriever training.

All went pretty well, for most people. Quite a big turn out for the puppy group. Tweed got a few compliments, although I could have killed him a couple of times as he’s obsessed with the dummy!! But what is annoying is he’s steady at home?

But anyway, we have some homework again to go over. And we’ll see how we can improve for next time. Sometimes I look at him and think, Jesus you’d never think you worked last season, its unreal!!

Anyway everyone else had odds and ends to go over. Solo picked a big dog dummy for the first time as she’s only just started with a puppy dummy this last few weeks. But she’s coming along fine, she’s only a pup bless her.

Right well… Tomorrow Will be my last daily post. I’m finding I have less and less to write about the more I write!


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