Day 20: the weekend of breakthroughs

Well I promised a day 20, but its more of a multi day post…

On Friday evening I went to my friends for homemade pizzas, Jamie olivers recipe (awesome btw), an inbetweeners session and a catch up. All was amazing and its given me ideas for my house warming.

Saturday was, wait for it, a dog training day. And we finally got Tweed to stay while someone else threw the dummies! My whistling needs a bit of improvement, as I’ve reached the point of frustration where everything sounds the same. Solo managed to pick a full size (lighter weight) dummy which was great she’s slowly building up to a full weight dummy. Findlay did fine he’s trusting Heather more now and direction really well.

Today was swim day, Amy and me went to Ellerton park and swam in the lake.


And as nerve racking as it seemed once your in the water its fine. Cold but fine. Amy is upgrading to a full length suit mind as today she had a shorty and her foot turned purple also I think she felt the cold more than me. Swimming in a wetsuit is actually harder than you’d think as your feet try to float and your movement is restricted. But after a few more practice sessions we’ll be ready.

And so ends my daily update mission!


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