Busy, busy, busy

This week has been exhausting. Cram packed full of all my usual activities and ending with a photo-shoot.

First off I’d like to say thanks to the Crawford’s for the work we did with Tweed this week he has improved quite nicely and should show some progress for the dog class this week. As frustrating as it has been I think we’ve nearly nailed him.

After the swim effort at the weekend I am now trying to raise more funds charity wise. Some nice fellow donated £50 to the cause so that was awesome, although it goes without saying every little helps.

Pole this week has been a sweatathon, the weather and heat in the studio made me melt and when I melt I don’t stick to the pole so good 😦 the photo-shoot today went fine although I totally CANNOT smile properly for toffee. Graeme Watson Photography will have their work cut out with my batch. I’ve never done a photo-shoot before so I found the whole thing terrifying but once I see the finished products I’m sure I’ll feel much better about it.

For a sample of the images please continue to scroll… (everything looks better in Sepia!)



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