Great North Swim 2012


I completed my mile swim in 01:09 which was just over my pool target. And taking currents etc. into account I don’t think I did too bad!

I did get cramp in my legs at one stage (around the 1200 metres marker) but after that wore off I was away again. Wild swimming is such a random activity that suits everyone from 8-80 and we all just look like seals with funny coloured hats on.

The views from the midpoint of Windermere are amazing especially as the fog rolled down the hillside into the lake. Stunning (if only I had a pocket for my camera?)

All in all I’m pretty pleased with my attempt and you never know I might do it again next year. I’m nearly at the £500 mark for my Myeloma fundraising which I think is impressive – I’d like to thank everyone who’s sponsored me or would like to sponsor me, as it all makes a difference and hopefully one day will have helped towards improving treatment or even finding a cure.

Thank you

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