Over 1 year later

Random update:

Wow. Its been well over a year since I started my new, albeit controversial, exercise regime. But since last year I have lost just over 10kg and I’m round about (what I consider) to be my ideal weight.

But you know what, since the day I first inverted it stopped being about weight loss and exercise, it became a competition – with myself.

I need to prove to myself that I’m improving, getting stronger and progressing. Every new move or class under my belt became another achievement that just made me want to push further and harder. Seriously sweat has never felt so worth it!!

Apologies for the ugly feet (Bow & Arrow)

Its scary how many people are noticing I have muscles now. Not six pack abs (even a flat stomach is a way off yet) – But my arms and legs have never been so (bruised and) toned!!

I have no desire to stop. And I doubt I ever will….

“Hi I’m Claire and I’m addicted to Pole Dance.”

Anyone who fancies taking it up in Durham go to Tempest Dance Studio. The instructors are awesome!!

Ps They now do aerial hoop, expect photos sometime soon as this is my new ‘hobby’.


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