New year, New hair

To stick with tradition I’m starting the new year as a brunette. I say new in the title but new means repeat as there aren’t enough colours in the world


Although there will be no dramatic style change anytime soon. I’m just in a constant battle of to fringe or not to fringe these days.

New year was good although Durham was relatively quiet this year. Unless I was so drunk I didn’t notice how crowded it was? Possibility but there is no proof so ha!

This year I will be venturing to Budapest for a short visit to go to the World Dog Show 2013 and take in the sights. So far planning is in the early stages details are we’re going and we’ve booked the time off work. Flights etc are a work in progress but I’m estimating we’ll be booked by the end of January, so expect some posts when I board my flights! I love a good bit of travel blogging 🙂

2012 proved to be a year of growth on my part and 2013 will hopefully continue in the same vein. A lot of entertaining, some adventuring and a little blogging along the way.

See you round xoxo


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