Mini-break homies!

Well the time has come for a Robbo excursion. Not on such a massive scale as the time when… (insert random previous destination). But good things come in small packages.

So it has come to pass that I am off to Hungary, or more specifically Budapest. Myself and my travel companion for this journey are off to the World Dog Show on the Sunday. This is the main reason for the visit.

We fly on the Saturday morning and I am driving us to the airport… This terrifies Heather more than the prospect of the flight (she’s not a good flier apparently). Which says nothing for my driving ability!

I finished packing before Roller Derby practice (with the Durham City Rolling Angels) and think I’ve managed to fit everything I need into my teeny tiny hand luggage case.

Checked in online on Tuesday, Printed boarding passes, booked entry to the show, got Hungarian Forints (which made me feel uber rich!!), sorted out car parking at airport, got all my booking refs, notified bank of travel (emergency credit card), got passports… So I think we may be ready.

Will blog update over the weekend and will try to get a couple of  ‘team tempest‘ hoody photos for the studio scrap book 😉

On that note I think I should sleep. Work tomorrow then ready to roll – eeeeeep!


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