Destination District 6

Can’t sleep – Apparently my body has decided I have to wake up a whole 30 minutes before I really needed to.

Why is it that when you need to your mind just won’t shut down?

Setting off for Manchester airport at around 04:00 once we arrive I can relax. The plane is for sleepy time I think…

First services we hit I think I’m going to need a good strong(ish) coffee.

Some poor suicidal bird got its wish. Death toll for trip so far = 1.

Made it to the airport but have made the discovery that signage down this way is lacking.

Case and point no signs to carpark 3! But we finally got there and then hopped on our bus to terminal 3.

Had a quick panini after making our way through airport security without any glitches… Much to Heather’s surprise.

08:30-13:00 (Hungary time)
Slept most of the flight which was bloody freezing. Ryanair need to sort out some Heating!!

Not much to report although did get some pictures…



After making it to the hotel and having a Dreher beer in the bar. Getting our room key, and looking at some city maps and figuring out our location we both apparently passed out!

Now after a bit kid and shower we’re going to go sample some Hungarian delicacies.


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