WDS 2013 Budapest, Hungexpo

Today was the day. After an awesome breakfast at the hotel we got ready and off we trotted. We’d pre-scoped out the route using Google maps and our trusty Budapest city map, so off we went.

A 3 mile walk in ~30°c was pleasant. And after a minor detour and some assistance from a nice Hungarian lady who decided we looked lost… We made it.


On arrival bottles of water were consumed and then came the mission. Find some nice stud dogs, which we did. Although in my unknowledgable opinion the bitches set a better standard. Stunning would be the best description.


After watching BOB for the Goldens and seeing a stunning puppy we went to get lunch. Hungarian sausage? Yes please!! Bloody good potatoes too. Although queues aren’t the done thing, or at least not in the format I recognise 😉

A bit sun burnt and having a chill now before dinner later on.

Oh and today I made friends with a Homeless Hungarian Elephant…



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