Whistle stop tour…

Today we did what every tourist does and tour the city of Budapest.


Big B Bus tours was our selected hop on hop off tour. And after hopping on, off we meandered towards the castle, stopping at various routes along the way. For the first time round we stopped on and selected which stops interested us most as with only 1 day to fit it all in we had to be selective. So taster stop one was Heroes square.


This was an amazing focal point and had some stunning architecture and was just breathtaking.


And to show the scale of the horses….


Before getting back on the bus to our next trip round we also wandered off round a park just beyond heroes square. Apparently it was National Hungary Day so there were loads of stalls and activities on. Could have done a full day here alone!

Next stop was the Petofi square where we were meant to be able to see Roman remains, but we couldn’t actually see in at them because the sun was shining on the glass! Lovely little park area again with this statue…


From here we walked to our river cruise (which was included) and had a lunch buffet on the Danube. How civilised were we?!


We got some shots of Parliament and saw some lovely sights. It started to rain as we travelled up the river – which is bloody huge. But as luck would have it, it stopped raining when we had to get off. From there we walked over the chain bridge – which for me was the best feature bridge we saw.


And onward to our next stop at the Castle.


The Castle is very Disney esque and the roof reminded me of hansel and gretel and a ginger bread house. This is another spot you could have easily spent all day at. The views were amazing and the panoramic setting was used quite a bit for some good photos.

We had to make this our last hop off stop as we planned to do the night tour and wanted to get back and get washed. We burnt… A lot from being up on an open topped bus!

The night tour was very cold. If you ever get the chance to do it, do it, but take a thick coat and a wool hat!!

The city is so pretty at night and if the bus had been able to stop more frequently we could have taken better photos but we did get a couple of beauties. Photos are to follow.

So cold but happy we have been dined, beered and packed. Tomorrow we fly back to the UK. I just hope this nice Hungarian weather follows us back.

I will come back to Budapest as there is so much to see and next time I might bring my skates or hire a bike as the city is built for pedestrians and people on wheels 🙂



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