A proper cup of tea.

And so the journey home is over. But to recap…


Last breakfast at the hotel this morning. Going to miss having pastries, meat and cheese for breakfast. A bit itchy from the sunburn, my chest and shoulders look painful. Next time I think I’ll pack sun cream – it’s amazing how little time it takes to burn!

We checked out and paid for the minibar (1 bottle of water – how cool are we?)

En route to the airport the sadness set in. Back to work, no sunshine and normality ahead. We did find out that apparently people don’t like walking in Budapest. On approach to the airport the taxi driver asked us which terminal we wanted and we both looked at each other vacantly. He seemed concerned, but the terminals were no more than a 5 minute (over exaggeration) walk apart?!

I got felt up through airport security. Although on a positive note this time I wore a t-shirt under my hoody otherwise I would have gone through security in my jazzy red bra… The security lady looked at my feet in slight bemusement, mainly due to the number of sticky plasters I had attached to them.

After passing the security check we went to duty free and bought some bits and pieces for the folks at home – Successfully managed to re-pack/squish them into our bags – then we waited for our gate to open.

Onboard we were treated to a woman struggling to fasten her seatbelt. Seriously how hard is that? It took her almost 7 attempts! Oh and cougar lady chatting up some poor foreign boy in front of us. I passed out for most of the flight, but managed to contort myself into all sorts of newfangled positions to stop my coccyx from aching.

Passport security at Manchester is soooooo slow. But at least the nice bus driver spotted us coming and waited for us to take us to our car park.

The journey home was pretty normal. Nearly witnessed/got caught up in a potential accident caused by some twat up ahead. Got stuck in traffic, and potentially celebrity spotted Ant McPartlin driving a black Range Rover Sport with the reg plate 5 ANT. Although this is yet to be confirmed!!!

And so we arrived back in the north… I got a card off Millbot (I’m assuming it was for delivering her Mother back to her safely) and a hug off of Findlay and Willow.


My alarm has just gone off. Smashed back to reality. I’ll post all my photos up later on tonight and add the link to the sidebar for those who are interested.

Thanks for reading another whirlwind adventure with Robbo.

Until next time.



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