Sunny Beach 2013 part 1

Travel: another mini break (of a whole week this time). Waiting in Newcastle airport with the newly purchased ipad… Most expensive duty free purchase ever maybe? But I digress.

Gate to Burgas opens in T-minus 7 minutes so not long now. Waiting with Mammy Robinson (who had a minor meltdown because of the new liquids rule)

Let you know when we arrive. Unless the plane crashes in which case I’ll see you in hell kids! 😉

Arrival: stupid o’clock in the morning, after listening to a discussion about electronic cigarettes, 3d tv and a surprise in fight meal, we arrived.

Sleep was of the essence and after waking too late for breakfast we went off to explore. We found the beach and I located most of the bars the wingroves brought me to last time (2008?)

Sleeping on a sunbed is not advisory. Not sunburnt but almost!! The food at the hotel is nice and they do a reasonable selection of drinks. The coffee is awesome!

After wandering through the sand and taking in a “show” at the hotel its time to sort out the body clock and sleep.

Tomorrow we do sunny beach for Mammy Robinsons birthday!


Which the hotel mistook for an anniversary…. Lol!



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