Sunny beach 2013 part 2

Been here now for 5 days of bliss. Spent the majority of my time horizontal on a sunlounger which has been awesome!


Much needed recovery time I think from the chaos that is my life. What with Pole, Roller Derby and Work I think I needed a day of just sleep. So this holiday was just what the doctor ordered.

I did suffer some burning the other day on my ass of all places… But I’m definitely a few shades darker in colour.

Tomorrow is the adventure day when we go out on a catamaran and (hopefully) see/swim with dolphins in the deep black sea. (sorry for the lame pun but you know it had to be done)


The food at the hotel has been amazing. The Aqua Nevis gets good stars from me, although ironically Bulgarian night was a massive disappointment. I don’t like Bulgarian food! Mexican night was a big hit, wonder what the theme is tonight?

Although, like most countries, people hassle you to go into bars and shops etc in Sunny Beach there seems to be a tan:request correlation in that the whiter you are the more they hassle you. So far we have been mistaken for Russians, Finnish and randomly we were described as Feta Cheese on our first day?

The waterpark is great and so handy although we probably haven’t used it to its full crazy potential. We did do some slides today. I have a fear I’ll reknacker my coccyx and Mam has similar concerns with her old back injury. But if your in town you have to come for a day!

This is me signing off for tonight. Will update tomorrow (or as travelling home) with the adventure from tomorrow.



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