Sunny Beach 2013 part 3

Yesterday was “I’m on a boat” day. We headed out on a Catamaran late afternoon off to snorkel in a secluded cove, have lunch and hopefully see some Dolphins.


It was gorgeous weather and the breeze was just right. After a speedy trip to our location we proceeded to jump, climb and gently lower ourselves into the very ambient water. I did a bit of snorkelling, you could see the bottom but the fish etc went into hiding until we all got out. Mind you I’d not want to come across a tribe of uncouth tourists if I was swimming around minding my own business either!

Mam and a few others had the fear but I think everyone eventually got in the water. Lunch was pleasant and then off we trotted to spot dolphins.

On the way back to the dock we saw a couple which was a bit blink and you miss it. But they managed to locate a large school of dolphins as we got back in and steered us alongside them for a good while. Yes they are the suck ups of the sea but it was pretty cool seeing wild dolphins doing what they do naturally. We tried to get photos and videos but they aren’t amazing.

I’m writing this poolside catching the last few hours of tanning time before we then wait for the coach (midnight!) to the airport. Feeling fully relaxed and ready to face the world again… Unless anything major happens on the way home this will probably be my last sunny beach post.

So until next time (most likely after Total Warrior, Team Tempest style) xoxo


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