So I started a challenge to get fitter and I’m doing it publicly to keep me motivated. Which is daft really self motivation should be enough but apparently not!

I’ve done:
•roller derby practice
•mountain biking
•30 day squat challenge (app)
•30 day abs challenge (app)
And as much as it might sound ridiculous (and not be 100% visible in photos) I do think it’s making a difference. If nothing else I know I have core muscles as I can blinkin feel them.

I’ve not changed my diet (and I don’t plan to) so meals have pretty much been the usual. I don’t really eat bread anyway so that’s a winner, although I have attempted to increase my water intake by forcing (I find water painful to drink, as it’s just so… Watery) a good litre into my body on a daily basis. Fruit intake has gone up, but that’s more down to the fact Nectarines have come down in price and I’ve discovered I have a passion for a good Apple.

I am focusing purely on physical activity. I know everyone says abs are made in the kitchen, but I want to prove that anyone can do it if they just added some physical exercise to their daily lives. It’s harder to change your eating habits than add exercise to your daily routine, in my humble opinion.

I tried for years to be healthier through diet and it just didn’t work. But exercise (once I found something I enjoyed or felt passionate about) became my motivator. I wanted to be better at my sport which made me do more exercise which made me drop a load of weight, get fitter physically and more importantly visibly. Isn’t that what we all aim for – let’s be honest?

So in review day 1 to day 5 looks something like this:



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