Diary of an Injured Skater

Ok, so here it goes, a way to fill in the recovery boredom and to document anything that may be useful to anyone else who has suffered a Roller Derby injury at some point in their career.

So how did it happen I hear you cry, turns out, that even if you’ve done a manoeuvre 100 times before, there’s always that one time it could go wrong. My first major injury wasn’t because of a massive and incredible hit by an opponent. It wasn’t even from an awesome apex jump. I did my usual trick of running down the inside line to avoid a wall, mis-stepped and down I went.

I vividly remember swearing loudly, but my teammates say all that I did was make an odd noise and then roll myself backwards to get out of the way. So perhaps that swearing happened in my head?

We did the usual, ice, check to see if it was broken, I had full movement, it hurt but not massively, then the swelling began – A team mate drove me home, made me a brew and then I carried on with usual life as best as I could – I crawled up the stairs to bed that night

Wankle; 1 hour post-injury

The next morning I couldn’t drive, so I called in sick to work and spent the rest of the day RICEing my injury and bingeing on Game of Thrones. I was still convinced at this stage that it was just badly bruised and I was NOT broken (denial is a strange thing).

Determined as I am later that day I decided to attempt to drive to test if I could make it to work the following day, it tweaked but I decided I’d be ok if I went in early to guarantee a parking space and reduce any additional walking.

Wankle; Day 1 post-injury

Next day I was at work at 6:30 and carried out my duties that I was capable of and muddled on. By lunch time my boss was concerned that the amount of swelling wasn’t normal so we rang 111 for advice. Their advice, go to A&E immediately and get checked out.

Still in denial I was convinced I’d go in they’d offer me some advice to help get the swelling down and then I’d be back to work the next day… How wrong I was!

Within the hour I had been diagnosed with a distal fibula break on my lateral of my left ankle, which could have been worse had I not been wearing my Antiks. That ankle protection is well worth it

Wankle; 2 days post-injury

I then realised I’d been walking on a broken ankle for 2 days, and then it hit me that the British Champs games we’d been training so hard for, well I’d definitely be out for the first one which is on the 20th (7 days from this post). Then it dawned on me that I lived alone, with 2 pets (dog and a cat), had no shopping in, and couldn’t even look after myself and make a brew.

Since then I’ve moved back home (with my parents) until I’m better able to look after myself and had to arrange care for my animals.

It doesn’t hurt, I think I’ve taken no more than a handful of paracetamol and a few ibuprofen since it happened. It’s more frustrating than anything. And I feel like I let my entire league down, I know they’ll be absolutely fine without me, but I’m annoyed that I’m one less person they have on track to support them through our first championships, and our first proper season.

Wankle; Day 3 post-injury



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