Tips for Injury

So far I have learnt the following:

  1. Never wear jeans if you suspect a fracture to the leg or ankle – turns out you’ll be stuck in said jeans, pants or otherwise until your backslab is removed. Lucky for me the swelling went down enough for my new cast the next day. Tip: Pack shorts or loose fitting trackies in your kit bag just in case.
  2. It doesn’t hurt – in my case pain has been minimal if any, I’ve taken no more than a handful of paracetamol and/or ibuprofen since the injury and am pleasantly surprised how little it hurts
  3. ALWAYS go get checked out, even if you can walk. Everyone breaks differently, so go to A&E and wait. You may end up surprised by the results!
  4. Invest in cycling gloves – Crutches bruise, my hands are done from the hobbling and since loaning some decent cycling gloves the swelling and skin damage to my palms has been reduced.
  5. Bin liners and Duct-tape: don’t bother investing in a special cast cover for showering, they’re expensive and unnecessary. A standard bin liner taped to the leg works a treat and is a reusable thrifty alternative

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