Maintaining fitness while injured

As the boredom and frustration set in, you begin to realise that your starting to lose your hard earned fitness levels. For two reasons, firstly you are now basically sedentary and secondly you either haven’t amended your eating habits or quite frankly you’re eating for comfort…. This is not the answer.

After doing some research, it became apparent exercise is still an option, if you’ve ballsed up your lower half maintain your core and upper body, and vice versa. But always ensure you do NOT do it if you are putting your injury at risk of further damage or extension of recovery period. No one wants that!

Myself I’m finding that the physical movement on my crutches burns my core and oblique’s to a ridiculous level. It burns more than when I’m doing a set of planks for days?

It goes without saying, please don’t do exercises without discussing it with your doctor or physio. I am a mere muggle of a human and just writing down my thoughts on life – this does not mean I know how you can aid your recovery

Here are some useful links for advice:

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