My Diagnosis! Pt. 1

An Update…

So as I’m sure any of my followers will know my fracture, although relatively minor, took aaaages to heal. And after much to-ing and fro-ing with my local GP, Hospital and other various Health professionals I finally have a diagnosis.

But let’s start at the beginning.

Waaaay back in around 2007 I started to believe that something was wrong with me. I had been removed from the beating line on my local shoot due to leg oedema, which for a woman in her mid 20’s was unusual. It was pretty horrific – in fact on my last day out on the line I couldn’t physically walk and was left behind on the fell and had to wait for my dad (bless his heart) to finish the drive and then come and pick me up in the Land Rover!

So I went to my local GP and was told I had water retention and was put on water tablets. These were useless and just made me pee all the time! So I gave up on them but I wore my flight socks, and found that nothing really changed. So again, I ditched that too and accepted the diagnosis that “it’s just me”.

Shortly after this a close relative was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma – a cancer of the blood – and so with this as an extra ammunition, as I was now suffering with horrific migraines, and exhaustion, off I went to another GP at our local practice.

This time I got a urine test – which basically said I was not filtering any protein properly as there was a lot of it in my sample… but again I got told (after they repeated the test twice) that it was just me and because I was a young woman I shouldn’t be worrying.

Sometime after this I also requested a full blood panel and to this day don’t think I ever fully got the results of that one explained.

After I relocated to Durham city I registered with a new practice and after being in the area and suffering with the same symptoms but worsening now, I booked an appointment. My exhaustion levels were off the scale, my period pains were now horrendous to the point that I was regularly missing work, I was having to lock myself in a dark room to stop the migraines and taking pain relief like sweets, and I’d not gained or lost weight since around 2009 – I’d maintained at 65kg for almost 7 years (side note, my friends after I was diagnosed had told me they thought I looked unwell and one thought I had an eating disorder).

I discussed my symptoms with my doctor and he suggested full bloods and sent me to see a nurse for sampling – this was January 2016.

While I was having the bloods taken the nurse chatted to me about the samples I was having done and while I was there she stated I was being tested for coeliac. This began a couple of weeks of me inconveniently (as I was going on holiday with some friends) giving up Gluten.

I had made the appointment to get my results and within the few weeks was told there was nothing wrong with me and my bloods were all normal….

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