I love my Bread maker

Since I was diagnosed the one thing, nay the only thing, I really truly epically missed from my diet was BREAD.

If you have coeliac or you’re living Gluten Free for other health reasons I’m sure you’ll understand how much losing that soft, fluffy deliciousness affected you. It was like giving up a drug. Bread was life. Sandwiches, Paninis, Ciabatta, Stotties (for you Northerners) are all gone in their original gluten filled form, and I was left with… well the awful textured, always seeded (why?), tiny in structure Gluten Free bread.

If you’ve never tried to eat Gluten Free bread from the supermarket please don’t it’s awful. It never fills that void in your diet. EVER.

I spent a year trying to find the perfect ready made loaf, but to no avail. My only rescue was my Mother (check out her cake blog here) who baked me loaves in her bread maker that I would freeze down and store. Now don’t get me wrong the recipe was ok but it never quite had that spongy texture (Sorry Mam!), until I did some background reading on how to add the stretchiness of Gluten without using a Gluten based flour.

The key, or so it seems to have been for me was VINEGAR, well that and a teaspoon of Xantham Gum* – You have to check out this blog by Gluten-free Gourmand you’ll be baking for days!

The Vinegar helps get the lift out of the loaf that you don’t get without the Gluten. Most store brand loaves use some form of acid to get that lift, but the Vinegar in a home baked loaf (without the seeds!) is a thing of pure beauty. I now swear by the Doves Farm recipe, which gives me the most perfect loaf. I tried all the stock brands but this one works, and I don’t think I’d use anything else now! Also it’s cheaper if you buy it direct online than getting it from your local supermarket.

Side note: I use the Panasonic SD-2500WXC bread maker that I got as a Christmas gift and it’s reasonably priced and is truly a lifesaver for fresh baked bread

*I pop a teaspoon of Xantham Gum in literally anything I bake, it’s an absolute wonder and makes cakes super duper spongey and light.


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