I’m too busy, and other excuses.

I have a list of jobs I need to do, and I also have a list of excuses on why I can’t do them

“Hello I’m Claire and I’m one of life’s epic procrastinators”

Don’t get me wrong, when I’m motivated, I get sh*t done! But it’s very, very easy for me to slip back into my lazy habits. I was one of those kids who didn’t just have a chair for those half clean, half worn, but will do another day clothes… I had a whole floor. My parents despaired at my levels of untidiness.

This got worse when I was at University, to the point that one day when I was being collected for the summer break my poor Mother cried from shame at the state we (this includes my housemates) left the house in. There were pots and pans that had mould in them, so badly that we ended up actually throwing most of the stuff out it was THAT BAD.

So yeah I have a problem, I’m easily distracted by other activities or just chilling on the couch. But I’m trying to get better.

This year so far I’ve made a concerted effort to be tidier or at least more organised. I think part of the reason I have such a scatter brain mind is because I fail at being on top of my life, and adulating in general. So how do I stop being my own worst enemy.

  1. Do household chores for 10 minutes EVERY DAY
    • By setting a timer I know that it’ll be over soon, and it means I don’t have to spend a whole weekend cleaning and tidying and lose actual life days (sad face) with what could have been done in a shorter period on a more regular basis.
      • This is pretty much limited to a quick hoover, emptying the dishwasher, tidying up etc. but it’s much more productive than leaving it for a week to build up!
  2. I do my laundry WEEKLY
    • Yeah I was one of those, ‘oh damn, I’ve run out of clean underwear people’ 😦
  3. Clean as I go when cooking
    • This one I sometimes struggle with, but I am trying to improve at cleaning my kitchen stuff as I go. The theory is if I do it before all the sauce/contents/stuff sticks to the edges of the pans and dries on it’ll actually take less time (see point 1) in the long run.
  4. Embracing Minimalism
    • This is something that stuck with me after watching a load of vlogs (yeah, I even procrastinate when looking for solutions to my negative behaviours!) on YouTube, in particular Rachel Aust and Pick Up Limes. By trying to take some of the more logical parts of minimalism as a lifestyle I can free up time and actually have a tidier life (and home).
  5. Bin Day Reminders (Reminders in general)
    • I fail at bin day. It seems simple, but when you live alone, produce very little waste, and you’re a procrastinator you sort of see it as low on the priority list. Until you have a load of waste to get rid of and realise you didn’t take the bin out and it’s two weeks until Bin day and your bin is FULL – I also forgot whether it was recycling day or waste day. So I’ve set up all the reminders on my phone so that I remember to put the RIGHT bin out the night before.
      • This carries over really well into my general life so much so I now have remivders for EVERYTHING

This makes me out to be the most disgusting human being, but I’ve also added some images of my home just to prove I’m not as rank as this may sound. It only took me to being 30 years old to get my life together…. And all my friends will know that regardless of how much I try to improve teabag mountain will always exist!

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