Slow Cooked Sausage ‘Casserole’

I’m a big slow cooker fan – and yes it might be the middle of summer, but sometimes you just fancy something more hearty to eat than the usual stir fry, salad etc. So here is my recipe for a Sausage ‘Casserole’ (take casserole lightly as it’s my take on it!).


  • x1 Pack of HECK sausages – I find it works best with the chorizo style or the 97%
  • x1 Tin of chopped tomatoes
  • x1 Tin of Kidney beans (rinse)
  • x1 Knorr Stock Pot (Beef or chicken flavour works best) – mixed with x1 Tin portion of boiling water, I find that too much can make the final result too watery
  • Potatoes (chopped) – I use 1 p/day I’m meal prepping for to make up the volume and I usually prep for 5 days meals so I can freeze it down and vary my weekly diet
  • Frozen Vegetables (I use the Sainsburys Mixed Vegetables) – x1 Tin portion, I use one of the empty tins to make up the quantities


Pour the Tin of tomatoes into the slow cooker and add the chopped potatoes to the mixture – Using the now empty tin make up the stock liquid and stir into the slow cooker

Chop the sausages (uncooked) into bite size portions and add to the slow cooker

Add the remaining ingredients and mix it all together

Leave for 4 hours (Low Heat), or 2 hours (High heat), or until the potatoes are soft and the sausage meat is cooked.

Eat and Enjoy (or if you’re a prepper get out the Tupperware!)

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