9 more days

In exactly 9 days I set off to my little jaunt along the Austrian stretch of the Danube.

I’ve just about got everything sorted – travelling light, with a carry on only. And everything else now is in the hands of the fates. Yes, there may potentially be a British Airways Strike in the days before we fly, but that’s life and I’m sure it’ll be absolutely fine.

So, what does one pack on such an odd holiday? Here’s my packing checklist…


… the essentials only (clearly).

The technology is a must have as I track (and publish) everything that I do. I know it’s a form of narcissism but at this point in my life I’m not fussed. I like to record my achievements and if Technology helps me to do that, then so be it. Me and nearly every other human does it these days!

As a coeliac I do have to make sure I pack some sort of essential gluten free snacking. I can’t guarantee that it won’t cost me a small fortune to snack while travelling so I figure this handy dandy recipe for oatie bars (which is amazing btw) should keep me going for a week. Gluten free translation cards are a must have just to be on the safe side, thanks to coeliac UK for that one!

Packing done, so the next post will be the days before we jet off….


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