Day One: Aaaaand we’re off

Tuesday – Airport Bound – Thanks Pa Robbo for the 11pm drop off – packing was completed at the weekend, almost 20kg under the weight limit (whoever can fit 23kg into the case size for BA is clearly a legend).

We boarded our flight to Heathrow  around 6 from Newcastle after an uneventful spell of people watching at Newcastle airport for a good 6 hours… I haven’t slept since 7am yesterday at this point. So I’m very very tired!!

We’re now at Heathrow (7:36) and I’ve had about 40 winks on the plane. Our connection isn’t until 9 so we have a little wait again now. So terminal 5 is our new people watching (and electricity stealing – phone is losing power drastically) location.

The people of Heathrow airport don’t seem to fake bake before they travel (or dress quite as dramatically) as they do from Newcastle. Ma’ Robbo wanted a greggs bacon sandwich and so far we haven’t spotted one – sad face – Bloody southerners with their lack of Greggs situations! We’ll update if we find one 😆

Next stop Munich, then onwards by train to Passau. Then I think I need 7 days of sleep before I do any cycling.

Aaaaand we have arrived. After dealing with some minor bus and train ticket issues and witnessing what we suspect to be a robbery, and capture by the Police. We made it. And it’s hotter than the surface of the sun!


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