Passau – Niederranna

Sat at the gasthof (guesthouse) Draxler waiting for a shower. Time to blog me thinks!

Today has been a really hot day, and I’m tanning (well burning in places – and Helen yes, I did wear suncream I promise!!) which is good. The day started a bit chaotically, once we’d finished breakfast.

So we decided to look around Passau a little before heading off. But with very little knowledge of the lingo and no good map of the area (fail) we got a bit hot, bothered and stressed. I refused to just cycle when the signs didn’t say we could, because I’m such a good girl!! We did end up finding the location of the town centre and the parts my parents visited when they came last time.

Passau is a beautiful city, and is the area where the Danube and the Ins meet and merge. The water at the Ins is very silty as it’s the water coming down from the Alps.

After a brief pootle and once I chilled out we set off to Austria and our next stop Niederranna.

All was going well… until the steps of doom! Yup 90 steps (up and down) through a hydroelectric dam with two heavy bikes and panniers, I was NOT all about the upper body workout on that one!

Anyway after that we were on the final stretch to the guesthouse. Lovely views of the Danube and the surrounding villages and forest.

So now (after our evening meal, planning for tomorrow’s 50km stretch and a stroll up the R1 segment) I think it’s time for a well earned sleep and some chill time.

Thanks for reading!

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