Niederranna – Linz

So today was epically hot, like 30+ degrees hot. Don’t get me wrong I love the sunshine but 42 miles in that temperature was something I wasn’t quite prepared for.

Anyway, last night at the Gasthof Draxler we had a storm, I say storm because it was so bad I woke up and assumed we were under attack. In actual fact it was such bad Thunder and Lightening that it struck the building right next to our window and blew out the whole villages electricity, phone-lines and satellite. It was terrifying!

After dealing with that trauma and a lovely breakfast we ambled off on our merry way. Up the R1 to Schlongen Schling (I’ll update the spelling if incorrect later), and over the Danube on a little boat.

From here we had the most picturesque scenery (so far) travelling up to Ottenstein. My favorite observation was the non-intensive arable farming practices, they farm without walls or fences and practice proper crop rotation. It’s beautiful to see, and the number of natural sources of power from solar to hydroelectricity they have it sussed. Made me all the happy to see.

We popped into Jetlake which is a man-made set of lakes that have different uses, jet skis, wake boarding, foam jetties and swimming lakes and it looked amazing but we didn’t come with the correct equipment. A lot of ominous looking clouds came over so after the previous nights experiences we thought we’d let it go off in front and follow it down river. Luckily it never turned into a storm and we pootled on our merry way.

The remaining stretch from Ottenstein to Linz was hard. It’s mostly along the side of the highway so the heat from the cars and the tarmac was awful. On a less temperate day it probably would be bearable, but today it was difficult.

Once into Linz I did manage to get us slightly lost en route to the hotel, but after a slight detour and good use of google maps we eventually made it.

Linz is a really pretty and busy city with all sorts of things going on. I’d definitely come back for a proper visit.

I’ll upload pictures tomorrow (24/06/17 updated)

Thanks for reading!

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