Linz – Donaubrucke nr Grein (via Mauthausen)

The Steinberger hotel had the best breakfast yet, GF bread win yaaaaaas I even made a sneaky sandwich snack for later with it 🙌🏼

Then we were off! We took a shortcut over the advised route back down the promenade and over the other bridge, and snuck over the bridge next to us at the hotel. Which saved a good 5km!

After that we made our way to Mauthausen (with a little local assistance) as we’d planned to go to the POW camp since we’d planned the trip. It was fascinating but sadly so, the atrocities that were carried out there were just horrific and to think that fellow humans did this to one another (and that it still occurs sadly to this day in some parts of the world) is just awful. Humans truly are the worst. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why people can’t just live and let live and it made me quite emotional as I know that a family member was a POW in a polish camp, and had they had a different ending I wouldn’t be here today. I’ll never know what they went through but based off today’s experience I doubt it was dissimilar to those at Mauthausen.

From there we found our way back to the R1, over another Kraftwerk site, down the straight network of tracks, and made our merry way to the Giant Pear at Leitzing, which Ma’ Robbo wanted a photo with since last time!

From there the journey seemed to go for aaaages, although we beat the time estimated for arrival that final stretch hit about 31 degrees and we literally melted. So much so we had to stop for an orangensaft at a gasthof to tide us over for the last 20 minutes.

We arrived at Donaubrucke (just outside of Grein) around 4:30 and then promptly sat down and didn’t move.

Now we’ve just had lunch and we are sat on the balcony overlooking the Donau (Danube) and Grein with a massive glass of Orangensaft each pondering what heat tomorrow will bring.

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