Donaubrucke – Emmersdorf

After what was probably my second best nights sleep since day one (the heat is killing my sleep pattern) we’re up and at em for Day 4 of 6. We’ve got around 100 miles left to go  till Vienna and until Tuesday (today is Sunday) to complete, so that’s around 33 mile p/day.

For today’s stretch we’ve got to go to Emmersdorf (over the Donau from Melk) which is going to be the second shortest section since day one. It’s looking like it’ll be cooler for this stretch with highs of 25 instead of 31 degrees. So we’re hoping to get to the next stop in a more decent time so that we can look around Melk abbey which is meant to be worth seeing on the way past.

So first, Breakfast!! Which primarily consists of yoghurt, fruit and tea 🙌🏼

And away we go. Today’s mission was to beat the rain and possible thunderstorm that was due to hit around mid-morning. That we accomplished. I’m typing this at 12:30 at our next accommodation on our fastest distance yet!

This leg of the trip was much prettier than yesterday and I got a lot of footage on the Icefox that I’ll upload once I get back.
We even went off piste and found our own way to the hotel without following the recommended route. Even if there were numerous roadworks and cycle path improvements in our way. So after our second tasty consommé of the week, we’re off into Melk (after a quick wash too) to go have a look around the abbey and stroll around town. Generally being proper tourists.

Melk Abbey is beautiful, so much gold and the ceiling art is just incredible! I spent half the time staring at the ceiling and getting a bit dizzy. We had a mooch around actual Melk after and I bought some souvenirs. Then we walked back in the light drizzle to the hotel.

Tomorrow we get on our way to almost Vienna…. two more days then we’re on our way back home – sad face!!!

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