Emmersdorf – Traismauer

This morning I got Gluten Free Cornflakes… this was a revelation. I haven’t had cornflakes in aaaaages, mostly because Sainsbury’s changed their recipe so the barley malt extract levels are too high. So happy!!!

Anyway enough about the food. Today’s section was through Spitz and Krems. Spitz was where we were supposed to have a free wine tasting, however due to the increasing heat, and the fact we thought today was going to be longer than it was we decided to skip it and keep moving. At around 27 degrees with not a tree in sight we think we made the best plan. 

T’was beautiful scenery though, and again use of the land provided was incredible. Vegetables and fruit were being grown amongst the vines and you can see the crop rotation process again. I’m honestly so impressed by this countries use of classical farming practices and eco friendly energy supplies! Love it man!!

When we hit Krems we got a teency bit lost. More so because there were two rivers and the 6 (Donauradweg) seemed to vanish when we hit the main section of town, even though the map showed we should go that way. So trusty Mr GoogleMaps had to sort that bit out for us lol!

Once we got back down the river krem onto the Danube we were back on the straight and narrow. We squished a number of apricots and cherries we’d bought en route, which were delicious. But other than that and the fact Mam got bitten by a horsefly (Clegg to you northerners) we’ve had a pleasant day.

We popped to Herbert’s when we got checked in and washed and had the best ice cream of the trip so far. Traismauer is a bit off the beaten track but it’s a cute little town, with lots of older buildings and a pretty little town centre.

Tomorrow we hit the final stretch to Vienna (or Venice as we seem to keep calling it by accident). I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself so far and would reccomend doing a trip like this to anyone else. Next year I’d like to do Vienna down or the German Black Forest section as that is supposed to be just as stunning.

See you tomorrow folks!

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