Traismauer – Vienna

Final day of cycling. Today we made the decision to get away early again because the weather was due to get hotter or rain depending on our location. So off we went (after I consumed the best GF bread and a dippy dippy egg), back up the track to the Donau from the Traisen.

From there we made our way to Tulln, and a pit stop at a chemists to treat Ma’ Robbo’s horsefly bite. We crossed back over to the North side of the river and trundled on our merry way. It ended up being super muggy today, not the heat or rain as predicted just humid and sticky. Which didn’t help when I took us off piste’ down a track and got Mam bitten another two times (drew blood and everything!). Good job we got plenty of antihistamine gel!!

As we approached the man made centre of Vienna for cycling and pedestrians it started to dawn on me how far we’d come. Like literally we’d travelled actual miles. When you take small bites of a route it makes it seem really small, but in actual fact we’d completed a gargantuan track (for a fair weather cyclist like myself) and that to me deserves some recognition.

So after navigating our way through Vienna and to the hotel we’re going to have an evening relaxing and hopefully touring around the city – not on a bike this time! We’re planning on hopping on a bus tour 😆

I’d 100% do this again, maybe on my own bike (these eurobikes are heavy) but I plan to start saving for another one for next year, or the year after if I can’t afford it. Best way to see the country and appreciate the location your in.

I do however plan to have a better grasp of the language of the country in travelling too beforehand next time. I hate not being able to respond fully and being typically british and ignorant!!

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