Day 8: The Journey Home

After the week that somehow has flown over, it’s now time to start the journey back to the home country and a proper cup of tea (which I will have as soon as we land in Heathrow!!)

Last night we spent our last evening in Austria by having a stroll to the centre monument and ambling around the fountain. I say stroll, it was a typical Robbo walk if ‘were nearly there’ when in actual fact 30,000 steps later we made it 😆

First up shower and breakfast, then hopefully a quick look around the Gasometer buildings and then the bus to Vienna International Airport…

The Gasometer buildings are now a shopping centre with the likes of; Spar Gormet, Games Workshop and other little shops, oh and a macdonalds! With a long walk of fame which included among the famous names; Alice Cooper, Ronan Keating, Slade, Scooter and Suzi Quattro – what a mixture!

Next up Bus ticket translation and check in 🙌🏼

So yeah, apparently we were the only humans making our way to Wien Flughafen int today on the bus! Literally only me and Ma’ Robbo hopped on 😆 Once at the airport we navigated our way through all the bits and bobs (with a check in machine failure) and then realised we hadn’t gone through security… turns out they do it different in Austria! Check-in, Duty free first, then Gates, then security as you board. Which threw us a little bit – Plus once your through security there’s nothing… a coffee machine and a toilet. To me that’s a bit backwards, I like to get all checked in and padded down so I can relax with a coffee and food before going to my Gate for boarding. This just feels wrong!

At terminal 5 wooooooop – now to treat Ma’ Robbo to her first Chicken Katsu Curry, she’s never experienced wagamama’s before…. the verdict is – it’s alright – which is a positive result!

About to board for Newcastle now, so time to close out this holiday blog! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading 👍🏼

Aufwiedersen Pet 😆

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