When you hire a Personal Trainer

Yup, it happened. I finally bit that bullet and hired a PT. I need it, so I got it.

It’s something I’ve toyed with for a while now but after taking everything into consideration it had to happen. I have goals and I want to smash them, but I also know I need help to get there.

I’ve hired Kelly (my PT) with the primary focus on developing my overall strength training as my cardio is pretty much in hand with cycling, running, hiking and skating.

So I’ve done my first two sessions and what have I learnt? That I’m an uneven human in every aspect that could cover…

  • I have a stronger upper body than my lower body, which is surprising considering I probably do more work with my legs than anything else.
  • My right side is stronger than my left, but that’s roller Derby related (or possibly to do with wankle-gate and being all the broken).
  • I’m not as physically strong as people think I am.
  • I must learn to hydrate more!!

So I have a ways to go to even myself up, get on track and get building. I’ve felt it this week, after dancing dead ‘ard on Friday night (after doing leg day Thursday) I’ve suffered all day. Epsom salt bath, lots of water intake and foam rolling have been the course of action to sort out the situation. But it’s only up from here.

Thanks to Kelly for being an awesome human and pushing me to sweat from places I didn’t even know you could sweat from!

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