I do this for me.

Someone asked me the other day why I blog. I don’t have a massive audience, I don’t make money from it, so why?

I write because ever since I was at primary school I’ve loved writing. From early poetry competitions, to speeches and short stories in secondary school, I’ve always loved to write.

I don’t have the best grammar, I don’t conform to standard writing practices. I write as I would speak, but I do it for me so it doesn’t matter.

Many people would argue, but you do it publicly, surely you do it for attention, reward or another random reason. But I don’t, just as I use Instagram to hold myself accountable for my exercise, lifestyle and general oddness, my blog is about me putting my thoughts in black and white for me to observe my life in a retrospective way. It almost helps keep me sane – writing is a cathartic exercise and sometimes just being able to formulate the most mundane in black and white is enough to either let something go or refocus your energy.

I seem to be super bloggy at the moment, but I’ve had full years where I’ve not posted anything. Mainly because I’ve had writers block. I write when I want to, about things I find enjoyable, have observed or just generally interesting.

Just like I live for me, I write for me, and I’ll continue to do so until I’ve got nothing left to say – whether you choose to read it, well that’s up to you.



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