5 Things I do Every Single Day

It’s been a few weeks (nearly months) since I last blogged so it’s time for an update.

I’ve been living an attempted minimalist(ish) lifestyle for a few months now, and have found that I’ve developed a really good routine that’s actually impacting on my everyday life.

So here are Five things that I do every day that I feel have helped my day to day life, and made me more effective as a human being.

  1. Setting my Alarm for 30 minutes before I need to get up: it sounds ridiculous but it really makes me more productive. I then spend 10 minutes of my snooze cycle preparing for final wake-up, which helps me become more functional. This can be by being horizontal and just breathing to checking the news etc before finally getting up and getting on with my day. I don’t feel robbed of sleep, it’s more about waking up more slowly without the immediate panic of ‘sh*t, I have 10 minutes to leave the house’, which quite frankly just kills my day!!
  2. Meal Prep: I was spending quite a long time on a Sunday/Thursday doing days worth of meal prep in one go, but I was finding this was making me less likely to actually want the meals I’d made due to meal boredom. So to compromise I now do my meal prep whilst having my breakfast. It takes only a few minutes from cooking rice/pasta, to prepping the meat and veggies for my lunch. 10 minutes is all it takes and it means I don’t waste food or discover an unidentifiable frozen meal in my freezer three weeks later
  3. Breakfast: This was something that I introduced to stop me from flaking out on game days, but I also find it makes me more productive at work too. So whether it’s a smoothie, yoghurt and fruit or porridge I am now in a healthy routine of doing this every day and not feeling ill at the thought of eating (but this might also be helped by the fact I have more time to, and that I’m actually awake see point 1)
  4. Tidying: Still living by that 10 minute rule, it’s still looking quite sparkly in my little home. And that is something to be proud of, and that means I keep it up! Results = Repeat behaviour
  5. Update my List: Like all humans I have a busy life, not as busy as some, but I have a lot of tasks, things and jobs that need to be done, from work, roller Derby and general life stuff – so I update this every single day while I eat my breakfast. It’s really important that I can keep up with where I am and this gives me a chance to assess and breathe

This is just how I keep up with my life and keep myself chill, everyone has different methods – You be You

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