Goal Setting for 2018

It’s 09:40am on the 23rd of December 2017 – I’m sat drinking cup of tea number one of the day and have decided that it’s time to start putting my goals in writing for next year.

Goal setting is a weird thing, or at least to me the evolution of where it was to where it is now is weird. I remember when I was in my 20’s and my goals were to literally make it through the next year unscathed, or they were goals related to my career aspirations, or stuff like ‘save £XXXX towards a house’. Now my goals are more focused but in actual fact harder to achieve (or at least in my head they are).

So what was my goal for 2017 and did I achieve it?

My big goal for 2017 was to do 100 days of non-roller derby based activity that counts as exercise. Not in a row, but just over the past 365 days to do an additional 100 days instead of the usual sporadic pattern of ‘lets get fit today’.

I’ve got just shy of 5 days to complete the 100 and 7 days to do it before the end of 2017. So there’s a bit of a push for the last few – mostly because I slacked off a little when our little running club disbanded – but I think it’s fairly achievable and I’m still on target o complete. I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Alongside this I also wanted to get on top of my Coeliac by not simply living on Jacket Potatoes and Rice. This one I haven’t so much accomplished, but I have started to introduce a more varied diet and I’ve even baked (shock horror) a couple of times in the past year to try out new things, mostly snack based but it still counts.

And I wanted to live more cleanly and more in line with the minimalist viewpoint. This was a late to the game goal but I think most of my friends and family would agree I’ve done incredibly well, and managed to turn around my usual habits to be living a much more simplistic life and more manageable and tidy household.

So where do I go from here?

So my goals for 2018 are pretty much extensions of my 2017 goals, all fitness and living related. Nothing career based this year (again), and nothing really beyond my actual ‘self’. Everything – like I always do for accountability will be recorded via my Instagram or blog updates and will have a hashtag (because who doesn’t love a good hashtag?)

  • #200fitstagrams: Yup, the #100fitstagrams has evolved and is now 200 days (non-sequential) of non-roller derby i.e. off-skates activity that I feel is sufficient to count towards fitness. This includes but is not limited to; walking, PT, running, cycling, weight training, but not work based movements (I have quite an active job). It’s basically anything I would have to get off my Netflix watching ass to be active and mobile. 200 days may sound like a lot but it’s actually only 3.86 days of activity p/week.
    • Other Rules:
      • Activity carried out on the same day only counts as ONE day
        • It’s counted in days not number of activities p/day
      • Walks MUST be over 2 miles in order to count towards the goal
      • Activity carried out on Roller Derby training days DOES count, as it is outside of my usual training schedule.
      • I MUST do at least 2 days of activity p/week
  • #eatclean2018: So another goal for 2018 is to record my meals for 100 days of the year to make myself accountable for my eating habits, whether this is as a visual of each meal of the day or recording of 100 days on my fitbit calorie tracker is yet to be decided but when I make myself accountable it makes my goals more achievable – so here goes for this one!
    • Other Rules:
      • I CANNOT skip out if I have a bad day and decide not to post for that day, if I take a photo or record my calories on that day I MUST post to the ‘gram
        • I will add to this accountability by getting some friends on board with supervising
      • This is a warts and all hashtag so the good the bad and the ugly COUNT
      • I am not calorie counting, I am meal monitoring. I do NOT advocate calorie counting, I simply want to fuel my body with better, more varied, and healthy foods regardless of calorie content.
  • #tidyhometidymind: One thing that I noticed in 2017 once I started living a more minimalist life was that my mind was less fuzzy and I actually had a healthier relationship with my brain. Living cleaner has made me more focused and able to live well. So I plan to continue this and post tips and blog posts on things I’ve found that made my life easier, cleaner and happier.
  • #independentliving: I live alone, this has its benefits but also its downfalls – such as parcel deliveries, car drama, cat-sitters etc. but it also (for me) has made simple tasks more difficult. Since being diagnosed with coeliac I have found shopping one of the hardest tasks to do, I developed all kinds of anxieties about going to the supermarket and have found that I avoid it as much as I can, and other things that most folks would quite happily do on their own. So I want to track the up’s and downs of living the solitary life, but also force myself to do things that this year have been difficult. From going out for a walk or bike ride on my own, to going shopping and not skipping out of the task because of all the humans.

So here’s to 2018 and the constantly evolving Robbo – if you want to follow my progress feel free to follow my Instagram


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