Europe on a Bike

So a plan is forming for the 2018 cycle holiday…. And Maastricht is appearing to be the central location we’ve selected in the Netherlands mission – roughly 327 miles on the circular, or 596 depending on where we decide to put wheels to road….

We’re going to hopefully go it alone this year – plotting the route from Newcastle on the DFDS Seaways to IJmuiden, then onwards to Amsterdam and Maastricht and completing a circular route covering Monschau, St. Vith, Bastogne, Bouillon, Haybes, Namur and Lüttich (or vice versa depending on which way round we cycle the route).

There are plans afoot to possibly mix it up and go via Hull to Rotterdam, and return via Amsterdam to Newcastle but we’re researching that before we commit to it. And we’re taking our own bikes!!!

Yes, pannier’s at the ready we are going it totally alone. Packing will be super minimal and all the rolling of clothes (those who know me know my packing strategy!) will be required to get all the belongings with us, but we got this.

Ma-Robbo and Me, back on the open road with four wheels, and two brains between us – surely nothing can go wrong?

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