So you’ve had a ‘bad’ week

Fitness and body maintenance is HARD – if it was easy it wouldn’t come with certain sacrifices and everyone would be walking around with washboard abs…

The key to being able to push for a particular goal (or at least to me anyway) is discipline, but what if you’re having a hard time with that. Life is hard, we all have ups and downs, we have bad weeks and good weeks. Don’t think about the times you couldn’t be disciplined, think about the times you did, and don’t punish yourself.

Someone I follow on Instagram Mik.Fit recently posted (click the link) this and it resonated with me. It’s true, ‘It’s Okay’, you haven’t had a bad week, you’ve been making memories, you’ve been living life. Your body is temporary.

But what if you want to get back to it? Then start again. We all do the new year new me thing, so let’s not be as hard on ourselves. We can press the reset button anytime we choose. If that’s after a day, a week or six months, that’s up to us. As long as you consciously make the decision and your happy with that then live the life you love.

Never call it a bad week/day/whatever, just accept that at this point in time something else was more important than macros and gym visits, and that doesn’t make you a bad person, a failure or whatever other negative terminology you’d use. Don’t punish yourself. Just reset when your ready to.


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