Coeliac and Weight Gain

Since being diagnosed as Coeliac managing my diet was initially very hard. As a human I had survived on pasta, bread and cereal for the majority of my 20’s. The diagnosis was not only a turning point in what I ate but it also became interlinked with how I ate.

For a good 5-7 years I had not fluctuated in weight at all. I had maintained a steady 68-70kg weight all the time. It didn’t matter what I actually ate I just never gained or lost anything. Don’t get me wrong I visibly fluctuated between bloated and thin – but generally I looked awful and grey, physically I was exhausted but I never changed my weight. Some people would kill for that, for me it was a sign I wasn’t ok.

It didn’t matter what the scale said, because I knew it would never change, even if my appearance did.

This was one of the many reasons that lead to my diagnosis.

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Aaaanyway…. Once being diagnosed I discovered that many coeliac sufferers find that post-diagnosis they gain weight at a tremendous rate and are susceptible to type 2 diabetes. It’s incredibly difficult to shift it again as well due to our body basically trying to absorb all of the things now that it’s functioning ‘normally’ after being nutritionally starved for years.

The gluten free diet isn’t healthy for non-coeliac’s – the products we are offered as alternatives such as GF bread, pasta, cereal or biscuits are heavily filled with sugars and fats to make them more texturally edible. Don’t get me wrong, the alternatives are great in a snap, but they aren’t even on the same nutritional spectrum as standard gluten filled goods – just check on myfitnesspal!

So how – I hear you shout – have you managed to not only maintain your weight, but look healthier and gain muscle?

Meal prep, military style organisation and minimal use of ‘alternatives’. I’m sure someone will pipe up and disagree with me, but my diet is primarily based around minimally processed foods. The basis for most of my meals are rice, vegetables, meat and dairy in their more natural forms.

I can’t really eat processed foods now anyway, as most contain gluten. So burgers, breaded or coated meats and fish are out. Pizza is generally not on the menu because it’s often like eating cardboard. Sandwiches and cereals tend to only be on days when I can be bothered to source them as a GF version (or Ma Robbo or me bake at home). Which leaves for a somewhat ‘raw’ diet.

As a rough outline a day in the life of Robbo meal wise will look something like this:

  • Yoghurt (Greek Full fat), fruit, honey and homemade granola GF
  • Homemade GF Oaties (recipe to follow)
  • Rice (boiled in Knorr Stock Pots 👌) with meat and vegetables
  • Carrot or Pepper and Hummous
  • Scrambled Eggs with Spinach and Bacon
  • Homemade Peanut Butter Cups GF (recipe from the clean fork)
  • Porridge GF with milk and honey

There are hundreds of flavour variations and concoctions that you can create that fit in amongst these, but I also try to eat fish once a week, and one day a week I try to eat zero meat. I class mushrooms as meat on those days because they’re super tasty and I think have a meaty texture.

And so far I’ve gone from a 68-70kg human that was exhausted, looked emaciated and sick (my friends words not mine!) – to a generally healthy looking, less sleepy and more active human.

So sometimes coeliac doesn’t win 👍


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