Review: Bionic Bigfoot Toe Stops

Toe Stops – a super important part of any Roller Skate, and especially useful for Roller Derby.

Whether a Jammer or a Blocker toe stops are a very individual thing, what works for one doesn’t work for all. It’s not a one size fit’s all – But with that in mind here’s why I love the Bionic Bigfoot’s.

I love a large toe stop. I have used various brands, styles and sizes before falling for the Bigfoot, the larger surface area (for me) causes less toenail damage (yup, I’ve lost a few toenails in my derby career) and makes any lateral movement easier to perform.

They have a long shelf life, I bought my first set (after trialing a team mates for a week) in December 2016 and didn’t ‘ask santa’ for a new pair until December 2017.

I’ve played a full season and all my training sessions on top so I see that as a good life span. I’ve had some stoppers that literally lasted only last a few months!! And in all honesty only one of the current set actually needed replacing, but in a years time I’ll not need to replace with a full set because the two less used toes can be combined to make a new pair #win

The reason I went for the Bigfoot’s over the super stoppers was mainly the material and how I use a toe stop as a skater. I like a little bounce, and although the super stoppers are great in their own right I liked that I could get enough drive through when running out of the pack or away from that last in play blocker.

But remember – you be you – there are so many different toe stops on the market now, I’d always recommend trying out your other league members’ before committing to a purchase.

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*featured image photo credit to sk8geek

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