#changeitup Challenge

When one of your coaches gives you a task and you turn it into a challenge…

Our team is 4 weeks out from our first game of the season and to come out as the best we can be we’ve been tasked with picking one thing that we can do to improve ourselves as skaters and athletes – whether this was to drink less caffeine, give up alcohol, or walk to the shops instead of driving – it’s about changing it up to become better.

I’ve taken this as a competition – because I’m one of the most competitive people. Ever.

So I’m challenging myself to run or cycle at least once p/week (on top of my everything else that I do) to increase my cardio – and this can 100% be part of my #200fitstagrams challenge – two birds, one stone!


And out of everything, from hydrating, to my diet and everything else that I have actively had a mind-change with. This is still something that I have to add to my regime in order to not plateau.

If you can do something repetitively for 66 days it can become automatic, or a habit (check out this article by James Clear). So that’s the goal, not just the four weeks until game day but to make it a habit and a lifestyle change not just a fad. I could discuss this for literal hours, because I’m not a believer in diet programs or fads, in my opinion the only way to truly change yourself is if you are ready to change and embrace it fully. If you aren’t mentally ready to change, or don’t fully believe in the change, then you’re already setting yourself up to fail. And with that you can’t be too hard on yourself if you fall off the wagon, it just means that on that day/week/month you just weren’t ready for it. Change is hard – but not impossible!

This 66-day rule worked with my Training plan, and it’s worked with my other lifestyle changes like meal prepping and order of my home life, so here’s to (hopefully) improved cardio.

You can follow my progress with this on my social media: FB, Insta and Twitter



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