Ijmuiden – Leiden (Hoogmade)

The ferry was not the best nights sleep I’ve ever had… A squeaky cabin and noisy aircon does not make for a pleasant snooze. We did however meet a lovely lady on the ferry who was impressed that we weren’t just doing the usual and only going to Amsterdam. Bonus points us 😁

So after a difficult sleep and a quick slurp of tea we hopped off the ferry, got all our technology at the ready and quite quickly got lost. πŸ˜‚ yes Robbo forgot to bring the printed and labelled maps, and Ma Robbo’s Garmin promptly told us we were OFF COURSE. But after last year we are a little more adept and sort of knew what cities we were heading for, and bumbling along seems to work out for us 9/10 times. And by jove it did.

We finally got to the coast track South of Haarlem when the most horrific thunder storm started.

We got wet. Very, very wet.

Please note, at this stage we are functioning on one cup of tea alone. We poddled on through the rain until it seemed to stop. We were wrong. Shelter was soon sought out at a conveniently placed cafe for another tea and a dry off. But we decided to get the waterproofs out, got bundled up and low and behold the sun came out to bless us with its heat. And it proceeded to all day.

I am crispy, and also regretting not wearing shorts – I need me a tan!!

After getting lost another few times and travelling through some stunning countryside and small towns we finally made it to our destination. Hoogmade, and a windmill!!! Yup we’re staying with a Miller’s wife in her small cottage and we get a full tour tomorrow after breakfast yippeeee!

So we’re off to the village for tea and then we’ll get slept out and ready for tomorrow’s adventure πŸ˜€

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