Leiden (Hoogmade) – Gouda

Our first night in the windmill was amazing, great sleep and a brilliant breakfast. Our host was amazing and spoke much better English than we do Dutch!

So today we completed a section of the Leiden lakes circular, and saw loads of windmills, goats, sheep and cattle. Instead of walls and fences they use moats from the canals and lakes to create flats of fields to contain their crops and animals. Who knew cows wouldn’t try to swim?

The roadways are brilliant here, and except for being on the wrong bit of the road on one section it’s quite obviously labelled – red sections are for bikes – the rest is for the cars.

We are so burnt I think tomorrow I need sleeves!

So after the circular we trundled on our merry way to Gouda. Yes, the place with all the cheese!

And the route was shorter than yesterday but the heat made a big difference to our time. We had a ‘flagging’ rest stop, massive bag of crisps anyone?

Our hosts in Gouda are lovely, we arrived a lot earlier than our hosts yesterday and got taken out on a boat ride by them to show us round the lakes and surrounding waterways. So Good!

It rained, but we learned loads about the locals, the infrastructure and how things work in Holland. Including their goose problem and how they build their houses on the water.

So after a shower and a change we went for tea. So far we’ve done what we did last year and had 3 courses both days. And the food is AMAZING! Last night we ate in hoogmade and had steak to die for, tonight in Gouda I had the best halibut!! So far 9/10 for food out here 👌🏼

So now my crispy body is horizontal and preparing for tomorrow’s 50km journey to windmill land.

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