Gouda – Kinderdijk (Lekkerkek)

After a good breakfast with our hosts and putting the world to rights we pootled on our merry way. In the wrong direction…

Yup, today we went the wrong way out of Gouda and ended up back in the village we had entered into the area from, and had to do some quick back tracking to loop back on to the route we needed. My ability to remember more than two route numbers at a time is a slight limiting factor. Tonight’s mission is to write them all on a piece of paper and pop them in my front pack sleeve.

So after that minor detour, we finally found the route and one thing we’ve noticed in comparison to our Austria trip is the lack of little cafes and eateries on the route. We’ve only been here 3 days and we’ve been able to stop for coffee twice. That’s through availability of rest stops, not our lack of requiring sustenance. Totally a business option – just saying.

Speaking of which, we came across the second rest stop today and managed to not only have a coffee but a gluten free toastie #goals I was a very happy human!

After a reboot we continued on to lekkerkek, I got pig shit down my bra, tractor incident, and as I write this my soiled sports bra is sat across the room. I must wash it!! Our accommodation this evening is the tippety top room of a farm(?) I use the word lightly as today it seems like it’s actually a local event point. They have a wedding on today, and a tiki bar in the bike garage, open door policy and yeah, eclectic would be my description! Cool place though.

So after dumping our pannier bags off in the room #netherlandstairsthough we went to see all of the windmills. We made it onto the 6 to head along the cycleway to be amongst them, and promptly lost all sight of the numbers!? So in my wisdom we dropped down and hoped to find some amongst the village. But nope, this is when we hit our first wall, that and feeling the rain begin to shower.

So we managed to find a route back to the 6 and the ferry back to lekkerkek, and had tea. Minimum steak. Then headed back to the accommodation for a rest.

This is our first early finish since we arrived and I think it’s needed. We can’t have a shower until 10 because there is a wedding in progress. But I think I may just sleep and shower in the morning instead.

Tomorrow we head to Leerdam, more cheese! And hope to complete the incomplete Kinderdjik Circular in the process, so I’m plotting that out now using the map #wishusluck

Remember you can follow our adventure on my fb page and instagram just click the link to see more 🙌

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