Kinderdijk (Lekkerkek) – Leerdam

Today was the hottest! It hit 31 degrees at one point, I have reached a whole new level of sunburn.

My thighs are red, below my knees is white and my calves are red. I look like one of those picture books where you can swap the top, middle and bottoms of the people to make random humans… not even joking!

The ride to Leerdam was really pleasant, other than the heat. We managed to come through all the windmills, finally, and got some lovely photos (and a few postcards for framing back home). We also only went the wrong direction once today 🙌🏼

After coming through kinderdijk we hit a few little villages (or towns) and for some reason we saw lots of horses, but not a single person riding them. We’ve seen people walking them alongside their bikes, or just casually taking them for a walk, but no actual riders? How odd…

Loads of stunning houses again. The homes here are all individual, it’s a rarity to see any homes that look a like. Based on some of the conversations we’ve had with the folks we’re staying with they aren’t cheap either, got 500,000 Euro? Yeah that’ll buy you a home with a moat for your boat and a bridge #standard

Don’t get me wrong, there are more normal homes, but even then they’re all very individual and beautifully crafted.

We had planned in a coffee stop today, but forgot it was Sunday 🤦🏼‍♀️ epic fail. And had to stop for a hydration and snack break instead to ride us over for the remaining twenty miles. Then, low and behold, an unmapped rest stop appeared like a mirage – so goats cheese salad and I was refuelled and ready.

Our host for the evening wouldn’t be home until 5pm so we decided to go have a look around the Nationaal Glass Museum in Leerdam. Yup they’re known for glass not just Cheese! It was beautiful to see all the pieces, and full collections of the finest glassware, I can’t even keep the chunky cheap stuff from the supermarket in one piece let alone the dainty fluted glasses they had on display in sets of 6!!

After a meander around and a read up on all the artists we headed to our home for the night and are in a lovely garden room, which is brilliant.

Our host (and everyone else who knows our route), thinks we’re being super ambitious for tomorrow’s trip to Nijmegen (43 miles)…. so wish us luck – apparently we’ll needit!!!

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