Arnhem (Wolfheze) – Amersfoort

Today’s adventure started out from the lovely home of our hosts in Wolfheze. A beautiful bungalow in the middle of the village, you wouldn’t know it was there it’s so well hidden.

And the best breakfast, Ma Robbo got hot croissants!!!

Aaaanyway, the journey wasn’t such a long and windy one today it was more direct and took is right to Kamp Amersfoort, a concentration camp based in Holland. I learned a lot today and anticipate learning a lot more if we manage to get to Anne Franks in Amsterdam.

Our hosts have another super cute garden house with the sweetest budgerigar aviary out the front….. Too cute, but if they tweet on all night. Watch this space 😂

Short post today, but a pleasant day all round. On the journey back now, and it’s getting hotter so if I come back looking like a tomato blame holland!

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