Amersfoort – Utrecht (Tienhoven)

Short but sweet, today has been a quick cycle ride but hotter than the inside of a McDonald’s Apple pie.

The ride over wasn’t so bad, mostly downhill as we’re on the journey towards the coast again now. But the place we’re staying was 41 degrees when we arrived! And it’s got progressively hotter until the last hour or so, it’s now around 31 and steadily dropping.

By midnight it’ll be 19 degrees…. if I’m not cooked like a pork chop by morning….

The area we’re in is actually a big water park and has a huge lake in the middle where folks are canoeing, paddle boarding and there are flumes! If we’d known we’d have brought towels and swimming gear, but I’d definitely come back as it seems awesome.

The circular we had planned for today got canned off. It’s just too hot, so instead we’ve been for a wander around the water park and sat and chilled around the lakeside. To be fair a full rest day was needed.

Ma Robbo’s leg has like 6 bites on it and needs a rest and I’m drained, perhaps 10 days is too many? My calves are looking sweet as a nut though!

Oh and before any of you mention when I get back, I have been washing my ankles, but for some reason I have super tanned ankle bones, and the rest of my leg is white until you hit my thighs! They aren’t dirty I promise!!! #passiveanklewasher

So as I lay trying to cool off I can hear Bonnie Tyler blasting from next door (yup they like the classics in the Netherlands, it was happy hardcore earlier!)

I’m hoping for a semi-restful sleep before our 8:30 start tomorrow. We have to be in Amsterdam by 2:15 for our host, then we explore.

It’s almost the end of our Netherlands adventure, and although I’ve had a lovely time, and had all the fun seeing the sights and cycling the country, I also can’t wait to get home for a proper cup of tea!!

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